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At least as far as our outerwear was concerned


The acme of fashionable artiness? Karl Lagerfeld staged his Chanel show, featuring paint daubed prints and quilted artist’s portfolios in a fake Tate, filled with ironic Chanel themed «artworks» specially manufactured for the event. Many of the guests, ironically, wanted to buy them.In the pinkFashion would have us believe the mantra of 2013 was «Think Pink». At least as far as our outerwear was concerned.

Just kidding, just kidding, this one is clearly a far larger plaid pattern than what Leo prefers. It still gives the Cap a run for his money in disguise purposes, though can’t even tell that is Anne Hathaway. It is so low over her eyes that we have no idea how she is supposed to read that T Mobile Sidekick Prada Replica, let alone navigate the cobblestone streets of Lower Manhattan.

Great. I went on to the next shop declined again. I called the bank again and heard myself saying, with a hint of hysteria: «You can’t just block my credit card on a SATURDAY AFTERNOON. But it is different, because Mrs Prada is fighting it, and her work has shifted the axes of fashion. She has transformed forever how we view the age old ideas of taste and beauty Prada added the paradoxical phase «Ugly Chic» to the fashion lexicon and in turn their relationship to the clothing on our backs. «That is what is really interesting,» she says.

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